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    Prof Sant Saran Mishra

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    Dr Sant Sharan Mishra, Ph.D.,D.Sc. is a professor in the  Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Centre of Excellence), Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Ayodhya– Uttar Pradesh, India . He has specialization in several fields namely: Operations   Research,   Supply   Chain,   Queueing Models, Optimization, Fuzzy optimization, Artificial Neural Networks, Neuro Fuzzy System,  Modelling  and  Prediction,  Soft  Computing,  Simulation  and  Prediction Modelling   (O.R. Models), Numerical   and   Statistical   Computing,   C++   and   R Programming, Statistics, Sampling and related. For his distinguished services in area of teaching and research he has been honored by several National and International Awards.


    Honoured   by   Prof. Manoj Dixit, Vice chancellor, Dr Ramamnohar Lohia University for  glorifying  the  image  of  the  University  by  outstanding  contribution  to  the academics on Sthapna Divas of the University (March 3, 2020).

    1. SHIKSHAK SHREE AWARD BY Hon’ble Governor and Chancellor, MS Anandi Ben patel and Hon’ble Chief Minister of UP, Shri Aditya Nath  Yogi on Sept.  5,  2019  for  significant  contribution  to  Higher  Education,  particularly  in Mathematics. This is a coveted and prestigious award of UP Government which is conferred for significant contribution to Higher Education.
    2. Associate  Fellowship  Award-2019  by  International  Academy  of Physical  Sciences  Allahabad  (India)  for  significant  contribution  to  Mathematics (O.R.)  during  the  international  conference  held  at  Chaudhary  Charan  Singh University,  Meerut  during  9-11  August,  2019  by    K.B.Pandeya,  President IAPS,  Prof  P.N.Pandey,  General  Secretary,  IAPS  and  Hon’ble  Vice  Chancellor NGBU Allahabad and Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, C.C.S University Meerut (UP).
    3. “Distinguished Service Award” conferred by MTMI (USA).
    4. “Distinguished Service Award” conferred by MTMI Bilaspur University (M.P.), by

    Prof    G.D.Sharma, Vice-Chancellor,    Bilaspur University and  Prof  D.K.  Sharma  (USA,  University  of Maryland, USA,   the Chair  of Conference) and  Prof  K.N. Agrawal,  Haward  University, USA, and   President  MTMI  during  international conference at BU in between 4-5 August, 2018.

    1. “Distinguished Faculty  Award”  conferred  by  Venus  International  Foundation, Chennai, India, 2018.
    2. “Distinguished Scientist   Research   Award”   conferred   by  Venus   International Foundation, Chennai, India, 2016. 
    1. “Leading Professionals  of  the  World-2013”  by International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England, 2013. 
    1. “Best Research Paper  Award”  jointly  conferred  by  Global  Digital  Business  Inc Maryland and University of Maryland USA, during International Conference /Annual   Convention   o f    M T M I    U S A  Oct. 2010.
    2. “Visiting Fellowship” awarded  by  Science  and  Engineering  Research  Council, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, in the area of Operations Research / Optimization Theory, 2002.

    Copy rights / Patents  



    Title and copyright:  Research  software (in  C++)  for  computing  the  total  optimal cost of the machine interference model, No: SW-3622/2007, dated: 14 / 09/ 2007.

    Title  and  copyright:  Research  software  (in  C++)  for  computing  the  price  of inventory  for  deteriorating  items  under  perfect  competition,  No:  SW-3621/2007, dated: 14 / 09/ 2007.

    RESEARCH  EXPERIENCE: 30  years,

    Dr Mishra has 30 years of research experience. He has supervised  11 scholors  for  Ph.D. Degree  and  two  are  presently working under supervision, He has Co-Established  Centre  of  Excellence  on Computing,  Supervised  three  major  Research  Projects, participated in 50 Talks/ presented papers. He hes Chaired more than two-dozen sessions in different symphosia/ seminars.  He has uploaded more than a dozen On line lectures on U-tube.


    Dr Mishra has immense contribution in  Developing   Computational   Approach   to   Models   connected   with   Operations Research particularly Queueing and Inventory Models and Developing  Fuzzy  Paradigm  Approach  to  Models  connected  with  Operations Research particularly Queueing and Inventory Models.Developing   Fuzzy   Optimization   and   Advanced   Techniques   of   Data   Base Modelling to Supply Chain Models.

    Artificial Neural Network Approach to O.R.   Models   for   prediction   and classification analysis.

    Neuro  Fuzzy  Approach  to  the  evaluation  of  performance  measures  of  O.R. Models.

    Using of C++ and other software such as R, Mathematica and Matlab etc to find the solutions to O.R. Models which are not possible to solve manually due to its complexity.

    Comparing    optimal    performance    measures    of    O.R.    models    in    various environments of deterministic, stochastic and fuzziness as uncertainty.

    Using simulation modeling to generate simulated input for testing, training and running the models.


    Dr Sanat Mishra has written / published 103  Research papers in / National and  International n Journals.  He has authored two books namely

    -------and -----.


    TEACHING/ EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE:   Dr Sant Sharan Mishra has 27 Years teaching experience  including 02 Years in Foreign University.

    Presently Dr Mishra is  Professor,  in the  Dept.   of   Mathematics   and   Statistics   (Centre   of excellence), Dr.Rammanohar  Lohia  Avadh  University,  Ayodhya,  UP,  India since 2009. He joined  the university in 1993 as a Lecturer. Before Joining Avadh  University,  Ayodhya, he was associated with DRDA,  Govt of Uttar Pradesh. as  Project Economist/ Statistics Officer  / Asst.   Statistics   Officer From 1988 to 1992.


    Foreign Assignment

    Associate Professor under the UNDP / World Bank Project at the Dept. of    Applied    Mathematics,    Faculty   of    Natural    Sciences, Debub  University,  Ethiopia (N-East Africa) from 2003-2005. Tenure was extended by  the university for another two years after evaluating excellent performance on the basis of teaching and research’s contributions but couldn’t avail this opportunity due to home assignments/ personal reasons.





    Dr Sant Saran Mishra applied innovative methods in his teaching (Interactive Board/Pad). The Use of teaching aids and instructional technology (Presenter/Visualizer/LCD) Combining    theoretical    concepts    with    relevant    application    and    scholarly excellence and Used research elements to achieve excellence in teaching. He Applied problem-oriented and participatory  teaching methods and encouraged  critical thinking /conceptual teaching methodology.



    Under the World Bank and UNDP project, selected and worked as an Associate Professor  in       the      Department  of   Appl ie d   Mathematics ,  Faculty   of N a t ur a l  Sciences, Debub University, Ethiopia (N-East Africa) (2003-2005).


    Recipient   of   grant   s uppor t/ fellowship   of   sixth   International   Congress   of Industrial  and  Applicable  Mathematics  (ICIAM,  Zurich  University,  Switzerland, offered by Director, Professor Rolf Jeltsch,  ETH Zurich, Switzerland)  to  present the  contributory  t a l k      on      “machine      interference      model”      at      Zurich University, Switzerland, July 15-20, 2007. 

    Offered (three times) by  Prof. Spanulescue, President, Hyperion   University  and Hyperion       Research       and       Development   Institute,   Bucharest,   Romania consecutive  three  times  to  present  the  invited  talk  on  “ Inventory Control System”   at   Bucharest,   Romania,   E-   Europe,   International   Conference   on Econophysics,  New  Economics  and  Complexities,  May  14-16, 2008; May 20-23,

    2009  &  May  20-23,  2010.  Grant  support  was  provided  by  Hyperion  University, Bucharest, Romania

     “Best  Research  Paper  Award”  jointly  conferred  by  Global  Digital  Business  Inc Maryland and University of Maryland Eastern          Shore,          USA, during International   Conference/Annual   Convention   o f    M T M I    U S A    (Oct.   14-16,2010),  supported  by International Travel Scheme DST, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

    Invited   by   Prof.   Dr.   Dietmar   Homberg,   Head,   Research   Group   “Nonlinear Optimization  and  Inverse  Problems”,  Weierestrass  Institute  of  Applied Analysis and  Stochastics,  Mohrenstr,  391,  0  117,  Technical  University  Berlin,  Germany and   Conference   Chair,   International   Conference   of   International   Federation and Information Processing at Technical University, Berlin, Germany (12-16 Sept,

    2011)  to  present  contributory  talk  on  “optimization  and  computing  of  machine interference   model”  during  12-16  Sept.  2011  in  25th  lFlP  TCT  Conference  by Weierstrass  Institute  for   Applied  Analysis  and  Stochastics  (WIAS),  Technical University         Berlin,         Germany.         Grant         Support   /fellowship      was provided/sponsored      by  International   Federation   of   Information   Processing Austria, Technical University Berlin  and  National  Board  of  Higher  Mathematics, (Dept  of  Atomic  Energy, Govt. of India) Pune.

    Invited to present the research paper entitled as "Bio-computing Approach to Developing  Customer  Profile  Identifier" in  the  15th  International  Conference  of International  Academy  of  Physical  Sciences  held  at  Rajamangala  University  of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand, Dec. 9-13, 2012. 

    Presented   paper  on   “Fuzzy  Paradigm  and  Supply Chain”   in  the  International Conference  of  International  Academy of  Physical  Sciences,  organized  by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal in between 16-17 Nov, 2018. 

    Presented  paper  on  Fuzzy  Paradigm  and  its  Application  in  the  International Conference  of  MTMI  (USA)  organized  by  Amity  Institute  of  Higher  Education, Mauritius in between 20-22 December, 2019. 


     D.Sc.  Mathematics  (Operations  Research/Computing)  2008,  Dr.  Rammanohar Lohia  Avadh     University,  Faizabad,  UP,  India  (First  D.Sc.  of the  University Residential Campus).

    Ph.D.         Mathematics    (Special Functions/Num.     Analysis)    1992,    Dr. Rammanohar  Lohia    Avadh  University,  Faizabad,  UP,  India  (From  Residential Campus)

    M.Sc.   Mathematics   (Statistics)   I,   73%,   with   rank   in   the   University,   1987, Dr.Rammanohar  Lohia  Avadh  University,  Faizabad,  UP,  India  (Student  of  First Batch, when residential campus of the university started)

      B.Sc.  Mathematics,  I,  70%,  with  rank  in  the  University,  1985,  Dr.  Rammanohar Lohia Avadh University, Faizabad, UP, India. 


    Knowledge  of  Computer  Applications  and  C++/R  language.  Obtained  one  year Diploma  in  Computers  and  Office  Management,  Indira  Gandhi  National  Open University, New Delhi 2000 

    Holder of UNESCO e-learning ICT Certificate, 2010.

    Conceptualization to Execution

    Dr Sant Saran Mishra Conceptualized , Designed and Executed several courses at different for a. A few are:

    1. Department of  Applied   Mathematics,   Faculty   of   Natural   Science,   Debub University, Ethiopia (N-East Africa)
    • Optimization Theory,
    • Mathematical Modeling, 
    • Discrete Mathematics and Combinatory and  Applied 
    • Capacity building  of  the  Faculty  of  Natural  Science (a project  of  World  Bank  and  Development  Innovation  Fund).
    1. Dr Ram Manohar Lohia University Faizabad
    2. “Centre  of  Excellence on Advanced   Learning   of   Computational   Aspects   of   Mathematical   Sciences 2011” for the department of Mathematics and Statistics,

    Organizing Secretary/ Convener of Seminars/ workshops

    (a)        National              Workshop      on  “Application  of Statistical Techniques in Computers  and  their  Scope  of  Application”,  organized by  the  Department  of Mathematics and Statistics, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University,  Ayodhya, UP,  India,  Key-Resource  Person:  Prof.  Satish  K.  Tripathi, Provost  and  Chief Academic Officer, Bufflow University, New york, USA, Dec. 27-28, 2009.


    (b)  National  Workshop  on  “Application  of  Information and   Decision   Sciences   to   Mathematics”,   organized   by   the   Department   of Mathematics   and   Statistics,   Dr   Ram   Manohar   Lohia   Avadh   University, Faizabad,   UP,    India,    Key-Resource  Person:   Prof.    Kamal   Nayan    Agrawal, Howard  University,  USA,  Jan.  15-16, 2010.

    (c)   National     Seminar     on     “Current    trends     in Mathematics  with special focus on Operations Research and Computers organized by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dr  Ram Manohar   Lohia   Avadh   University,   Faizabad,   UP,   India,   and   Sponsored   by Department of Higher Education, Govt. of  Uttar Pradesh.

     (d)   National   Workshop,   Latest   Trend   in   Advanced Computing  with  Special  Focus  on      Generalized     Modeling     Approach     to Logistic   Regression"   Organized   by Department  of   Mathematics  &   Statistics (Centre   of    Excellence    on    Advanced  Computing),   Dr.    Rammanohar  Lohia Avadh    University,    Faizabad    –      224001   (U.P.),   INDIA,   and   Sponsored   by Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. December 26-27, 2011. 

    (e)  Two    day    workshop   on   “Morality    and    Character    Building    in Education”,  Chief Guest/Resource   Persons,  Swami  Parrupanada,  Ram  Krishna Mission,  Lucknow, Dr  Chaitanya,  Director,  Swami   Vivekanada  Yoga  Wellness Centre,  Faizabad, December 11-12, 2011.

     (f) Vishwabandhutwa  Diwas  Celebration  on  First  Chicago  Speech  of Swami Vivekanada in 1893, Sept 14, 2014.

    (e) International Yoga Day 2017 and seminar on “Yoga and Health” 19-21 June 2017.

     (f)   Vishwabandhutwa  Diwas  Celebration  on  First  Chicago  Speech  of  Swami     Vivekanada in 1893, Sept 14, 2017.

     (g)   International   Conference   of   International   Academy   of Physical       Sciences,  Organized  by  Dr  Ram  Manohar  Lohia  Avadh  University, Faizabad, 13-15 April, 2018.

    (h)  International Yoga Day 2018 and “Yoga Sandhya” 20-21 June 2018.

     (i)  Vishwabandhutwa  Diwas  Celebration  on  First  Chicago  Speech  of Swami  Vivekanada  in  1893,  Dept.  of  Yoga  Therapy,  Dr.    Rammanohar  Lohia Avadh  University,  Faizabad  –  224001 (U.P.), INDIA, Sept 19, 2018.

     (j)   Convocation  Week  Lecture,  Dept.  of  Yoga  Therapy,  Sept.  7, Dr. Rammanohar Lohia  Avadh  University,  Faizabad  –  224001 (U.P.), INDIA, 2018.

     (k)   Convocation  Week  Lecture,  Dept.  of  Mathematics  and  Statistics,  Dr. Rammanohar Lohia  Avadh  University,  Ayodhya  –  224001 (U.P.), INDIA, Sept. 8,2018.

    (l)  National  Seminar  on  “  Recent  Advances  in  Yoga  and  Naturopathy, organized  by  Department  of  Yoga  Therapy,  Dr.     Rammanohar  Lohia   Avadh University,   Ayodhya   –    224001  (U.P.),  INDIA,  and  International    Naturopathy Organization, New Delhi, in between March 30-31,  2019.

     (m) National  Workshop  on  “R-Computing  for  Learning,  Research  and

    Industrial Applications”, organized by Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dr.    Rammanohar  Lohia   Avadh  University,   Ayodhya–224001  (U.P.),  India,  ,  in between April 27-May 1,  2019.

     (n)  Fit India Movement launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, held at  Dr Rammanohar  Lohia   Avadh   University,  Ayodhya  on  August  29,  2019.




    •  Asst Dean,  Students  Welfare  (2000-2003),  RML  Avadh  University,  Faizabad, UP, India
    • Member, Executive   Council,   1999,  RML   Avadh   University,   Faizabad,   UP, India.
    • Member,    Ac a d e m i c    Council ,    Dr    R a m    M a n o ha r    Lo h i a    Av a d h U n i v e r s i t y , Faizabad, UP, India.
    • Member,  Faculty  Board,  Faculty  of  Science,  Dr  Ram  Manohar  Lohia  Avadh University, Faizabad, UP, India.
    • Member,  Board  of  Studies,  Mathematics  and  Statistics,  2001,  RML  Avadh Univ, Faizabad, UP, India.
    • Member,  Board  of  Studies,  Mathematics, 2007,  Bundelkhand University,  Jhansi, UP, 
    • Coordinator,  Evaluation,  Main  Examination  (Evaluation  of  Science,  Commerce and Agriculture),      Ram   Manohar   Lohia   Avadh   University,   Faizabad,   UP, 2008-09.
    • Member,  Executive  Committee,  International  Conference  ENEC09  at  Hyperion  University of Bucharest, Romania, Europe, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Coordinator, Evaluation, Main Examination, B.Ed. 2009-10..
    • Member,  Screening  Committee  for  Course  Outlines  for  UP     Colleges Lecturers Selection Exam, Public Service Commission, UP, 2011.
    • Member,  State  Level  D.  Joint  Entrance  Exam  Committee  conducted  by  Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Faizabad, 2011.
    • Member   Programme   Committee,   International   Conference   on   ICQRIT 2012, organized   by   Society   for   Reliability   Engineering,   Quality   and   Operations Management  (SREQOM),   Department   of   Operational   Research,   University  of Delhi, Co-Organized by Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
    • Chairman, Selection  Board  for  Contractual  Teachers  (TGT  and  PGT  Maths) Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Central Zone, 2013
    • Coordinator, Evaluation Residential Campus, 2014 
    • Centre Superintendent, Main and Private Exam, 2014 
    • Member of Proctorial Board and in-charge proctor from time to time (2015-16) Centre Superintendent, Residential and IET Exam, 2015-16
    • Centre Superintendent,   UP  State  Engineering  Entrance  Exam,  held  at  Dr  RML Avadh University Faizabad, 2017
    • Coordinator,   of  M.Ed,  Dr  RML  Avadh  University  Faizabad,  from  March  till June 2017
    • Coordinator, Institute of Yogic Science, Dr RML Avadh University Ayodhya from June 2017 onwards 
    • Member, Academic Council, Dr RML Avadh University, Faizabad, 2017 onwards 



    • Indian Society  for  Industrial  & Applied  Mathematics 
    • Operational Research  Society  of  India   
    • Bharat Ganit Parished, Lucknow., India
    • International Academy of Physical Sciences ,India
    • International Academy of Physical Sciences, India

    Associate Fellow

    • Indian Science Congress Association (member
    • American  Mathematical  Society USA (Associate).


    1. Sanyojak,   Vivekananda   Kendra   Kanyakumari,   Branch   Ayodhya   from   2014 onwards.

    2. Delivered a dozen lectures on Yoga, Swami Vivekanad and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and Maharshi Arvind.

    3. Arranging the educational and economic inputs as well as counseling for needy and poors of various sections.

    4. Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Centre of Excellence)


    Pro Sant Saran Mishra

    Dr. Rammanohar Lohia Avadh University Ayodhya– 224001, UP, India

    E-mails:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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